Friday, September 2, 2011

Humor Writing Workshop

This week I have been reading books on how to present a humor writing workshop. I have decided that it's a lot more work developing a workshop than it is just to get up and entertain folks. You have to be organized to do a workshop. You need goals and objectives. You need meat and potatoes to serve people, not the whipped cream you can dish out at an after dinner talk. A three hour workshop requires about 300 hours of preparation -- at least for me. I think I must have a little ADHD because each time I sit down to start outlining the workshop, something distracts me. And I don't mean anything major. I see a pretty goldfinch out the window. My white cat rubs against my leg and I stop to pet her. The phone rings and it's another Congressman leaving me another unwanted message. The workshop is not until Oct. 29 so I have plenty of time IF I continue working and not procrastinating. It's not only writing humor that's hard, it's teaching people to write humor.


Unknown said...

I am interested in your humor writing workshop.
Diana cruze

Unknown said...

Please tell me more about your humor writing workshop. I'm interested in attending.
Thanks, Diana Cruze

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